Mapadore speeds up the sales process

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Why Mapadore

Mapadore uses Digital Assistants throughout the sales process that guide the salesperson to make the most effective decisions to increase sales odds.

Faster sales process

The system offers real-time new customers and leads, availability of time and possibility of meeting

Increased probability to close the deal

Locate Customers on the Map

CRM adoption facilitated

Guided system to increase use of calendar, customer cards, notes at the end of the meeting

Constant activity monitoring

All activities are measurable and subject to reporting (miles, number of meetings, outcome, etc.)

More appointments and better route planning

Up to 200% more appointments and opportunities. No scattered appointments.
Appointments grouped by proximity = less time and time spent on the road

Better coverage of the territory

Visibility of ALL customers considered interesting by the company, and not only customers known to the sales rep

Better coverage of the customer base

Higher number of leads and customers worked by each commercial (up to +150%) thanks to advanced automation

Smart Nearby

Faster management of leads and prospects

The Magic: how it works

A.I. & algorithms

Current apps on the market need to be instructed on how to assist and support you. And of course, this doesn’t reduce how much time you spend on menial day-to-day tasks or logistical planning.

A.I. & cloud

We are on the brink of a new, revolutionary stage of the information age: the one of algorithms and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

A.I. & maps

Location Intelligence. With a simple user interface, Mapadore provides a detailed overview about prospects and clients on the map, enriched by direct digital agents’ actions.