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Mapadore provides you with the tools to operate your UX strategy in the less costly, most efficient and complete way.

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Investments are necessary, the hard part is finding the right one, usually the results are not very trackable or they just don’t give the results promised. Aren’t you tired of that?
Here we have a proven case that shows that the returns from Mapadore were significant, measurable and immediate.
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"Some of the biggest problems being faced on the Service fields are the Workforce Planning and Scheduling (32%) and Deciding on Digital Transformation Tools (30%)"


5 ways Mapadore can help you…

Better Customer Experience

Through Mapadore you can better visualise your clients, allowing you to decide the division of new leads, clients and contacts to be visited. Never forget one client again!

Efficient Use of Resources

When you provide a service you have limited resources (time, people…) and a goal. Mapadore helps you to eliminate any waste, giving suggestions to do better.

Know Where to Go

Mapadore suggests the next best customer, taking into account the strategy of your company and prioritising you the options you have more profit.

Connect Talents and Needs

Mapadore uses AI and the information obtained during the activities to provide you with best matches between your clients and reps based on their characteristics.

Adaptable to Your Lifestyle

Mapadore is completely mobile, easy to use, and give you the tools to better go where you have to go, in the time you have to go, suggesting the best results for you!

And much more…

Smart Journey

Shows to the operator the best possible route of the current planned activities, allowing it to be opened from the CRM directly on Google Maps, some of the main points of this feature are:

  • Agility, completely integrated with both the CRM information and Google Maps;
  • Display of better routes without any effort only by clicking one button;
  • Better visualisation of objectives to be accomplish on the day, taking into account every need from travel with traffic, meeting length and preparing time;

Meet some of our clients and partners that joined this journey with Mapadore

Michele Motta

Sales Manager, Mapadore

“Here at Mapadore, our biggest desire and the mission of our team is to be the company that revolutionises the sales market. With that in mind we seek to provide a unique experience for each individual company, understanding their reality and providing them with a tool that will be a turning page for a new level of optimisation and results.“

Michele Motta

Sales Manager, Mapadore

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