Mapadore: sales territory mapping & more

Maximize the return on your Digital & Social investments with Mapadore Social Matching technology!

Are you in Automotive, Real Estate, Luxury, Financial Services, Insurance? Mapadore’s unique algorithms assess the Digital & Social profile of a lead and automatically assign it to the “Socially” best-fit sales rep, creating upfront the best possible Digital Empathy and dramatically impacting on conversion rates.

Natively integrated with Salesforce, Mapadore serves as a brand new appointment scheduling software which lets you manage your sales routes in a quicker and smarter way. Thanks to Mapadore, you can create a sales territory map and optimize your appointments with our online calendar planner. Here you can find Mapadore’s main functionalities explained through its two main dashboards:

Smart Plan: sales territory mapping made easy

Most of the inefficiency in a sales reps’ typical process originates in the appointment scheduling process itself. When attempting to schedule an appointment with a prospect, the sales rep’s sole focus should be on the value of the product or service they are selling – they should be focused on closing rather than working around the appointment’s logistical constraints!

Optimize your journeys with our route mapping software

Optimizing routes and order of appointments, minimizing traffic delays and ensuring appropriate transfer times are not factors the sales rep should focus on. They should only be focused on scheduling appointments, executing effectively and closing deals!

Ineffective route planning results in a low number of appointments and lots of time and distance spent travelling. Bad logistical plans area highly inefficient part of the sales process and often cost sales reps valuable customer opportunities. Currently, most sales reps only attempt to optimise their routes after the appointment has already been set (Sat navs, Google Maps etc) – effectively wasting their time and that of the customer. We enable you to optimize your routes and most suitable opportunities during the appointment scheduling process itself!

Get the most out of Mapadore, your route optimizing tool!

Mapadore completely changes the game with what we call GEO-OPTIMIZATION: while the sales rep or agent schedules customer appointments, Mapadore SMART PLAN Digital Assistant dynamically lists the best empty diary slots to suggest to customers in order to reduce the sales rep’s transfer time and increase visits.

Our sales territory mapping tool takes all the guess work out of the process, allowing users to propose optimal appointments for both customers and sales reps, including transfer times!

From complexity to simplicity

How is that possible? Here is the secret… Thanks to one of Mapadore’s proprietary algorithms, SMART PLAN scans the sales rep’s diary, checks for empty slots, takes the appointment locations into consideration, and calculates transfer times using metrics and hourly traffic statistics from Google Maps.

Moreover, our appointment scheduling software enables geo-optimized appointment booking from remote sources, synced in real time! Sales reps can plan their own geo-optimised appointments as well as having them booked for them by call centre agents, and customers can choose from an array of geo-optimised appointment slots directly from self-service platforms such as websites. All this, with real time diary synchronization across all channels.

Smart Nearby: find new prospects while in the field

Another way for sales reps to gain efficiency is to smartly schedule the best appointment to fill gaps in their diaries due to cancellations or spare time. Similar to Yelp or Trip Advisor, Mapadore checks the user’s GPS location, then uses the relevant CRM data to find the most suitable nearby prospects.

Convert empty calendar slots into profit!

Sales reps are not always able to fill every empty slot in their calendar with appointments and, as we know, cancellations can also occur. Both of these scenarios result in potentially wasted unproductive time.

Mapadore’s NEARBY Dashboard puts an end to this. By using the sales rep’s actual (or manually inputted) location, it highlights which customers and prospects are nearby as well as recommending who should be visited first – based on their stage in the sales process, conversion probability, date they were last contacted, location, profitability, etc.

Nurture existing customer relationships or pitch to new prospects. Either way, our Nearby feature allows you to take control of your day!

Discover Mapadore! Your reliable appointment scheduling assistant for sales territory mapping: the best tool to boost your sales!