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Mapadore optimises the use of resources, providing you with an intuitive tool that increases productivity and reduces costs.

Great ROI with Immediate Results

Investments are necessary, the hard part is finding the right one, usually the results are not very trackable or they just don’t give the results promised. Aren’t you tired of that?
Here we have a proven case that shows that the returns from Mapadore were significant, measurable and immediate.
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“62% of manufacturers believe increasing productivity/efficiency is the biggest impact of technology strategy”

LEA 2019 Manufacturing Outlook and Insights Report

Ways Mapadore can help you…

Prioritise Your Leads

Mapadore helps you to see which leads are more relevant, which have a better chance of closing and if they are being nurtured enough. It allows you to act strategically.

Skill Matching

We give you the possibility optimise your use of resources, by matching operators and clients optimally. And we can even help you plan what skill is needed to better productivity.

Better Use of Resources

All our digital assistants are design to better use resources. We give you the tools to control better allocation of people, skills, time and more in the most profitable way for you.

Real Time Analysis

Keep track of everything happening, the number of visits done vs potential, work distribution, by individual or by team, so you can know where and how to improve.

Commercial Process

We use Geolocation, maps and AI in a seamless way inside your daily activities to improve your operations through smart suggestions of and management of resources.

And much more…

Smart Journey

Shows to the operator the best possible route of the current planned activities, allowing it to be opened from the CRM directly on Google Maps, some of the main points of this feature are:

  • Agility, completely integrated with both the CRM information and Google Maps;
  • Display of better routes without any effort only by clicking one button;
  • Better visualisation of objectives to be accomplish on the day, taking into account every need from travel with traffic, meeting length and preparing time;

Meet some of our clients and partners that joined this journey with Mapadore

Michele Motta

Sales Manager, Mapadore

“Here at Mapadore, our biggest desire and the mission of our team is to be the company that revolutionises the sales market. With that in mind we seek to provide a unique experience for each individual company, understanding their reality and providing them with a tool that will be a turning page for a new level of optimisation and results.“

Michele Motta

Sales Manager, Mapadore

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