Mapadore Summer Release 2019

New features to simplify your day-by-day
activities in the sales journey


Sticky Event

Given an appointment set at a specific location, it’s possible to declare it sticky to ensure that appointments set before and/or after, must necessarily have the same location.


Smart Journey

New component that provides an overview of the events set in the calendar for the selected day showing also where they are on the map and which allows you to call up Google Maps to use the Navigator functions.


Nearby Advanced Filters

Extension of the already existing filter functions. It’s now possible to relate the individual filters created, using the AND/OR operators.
They can also be managed at the Org level and at the Profile or User level.


Customer Time Availability

Through a “related” object insert into Account/Lead and Contact page, it’s possible to indicate the day time customers availability to receive visits. This information will influence the relative appointment proposals.


Star Filter

Show only appointment with maximum rating


Date Comparator

Introduced possibility to create dynamic prioritization rules and filters by also logic on the date fields.



Add Italian language

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