Geographic Optimization of Commercial – The future of business planning

Reducing the loss of customers by even the 5% each year, can lead to an increase in profit from the 25% to the 80% (from Salesforce State of Sales Report 2016). These impressive figures highlight how, anticipating customer needs is not only a good practice, but also a fundamental activity for any company.

Geo-optimization softwares are among the most desired tools for operational support to the sales team. Nowadays, the challenge is about increasing the adoption of this type of digital solutions because they can actually have a positive effect on company performances.

Anyway, this is not the only challenge. Today, in fact, it is possible to go beyond the simple geographic optimization tool, asking to the digital agents to provide a score of the best customers, a data analysis to identify the best opportunities and a series of supporting information that can save us precious minutes (and money).

Let’s take a step back, what is a geo-mapping tool and what is it for?

A geographic optimization tool for the sales team is a tool that, based on appointments set in the calendar, allows to define an optimized itinerary based on sales objectives.

In a nutshell, it allows to focus Sales Representants’ trips on customers with greater potential, ultimately reducing the amount of kilometers traveled (and therefore the costs) against an increase in sales probability.

Tools like the one above have made huge steps forward in the last  years, and it is good to use them BEFORE setting the appointment, NOT AFTER! In this way it is possible to organize an optimized agenda and be sure not to let the commercial use unnecessary kilometers.

They can concretely help the business of commercials in several ways, for example:

  1. The agent is often located in an area and has some time between appointments. Also in this case the technology has made progress by sending push tips to the commercial about who to visit in the area even without having set a meeting in advance.
  2. One of the most complex tasks for the sales manager is to manage the workload between different sales teams. Having a tool that it is able to distribute the weight of the appointments on all the commercials available makes it possible to lighten the work and not create disparities.
  3. The salesman does not always know which are the most important customers to follow. He will certainly recalls old customers, but not new opportunities and customers with greater potential. Seeing customers on the map and being able to know which dates have already been scheduled or have already been met helps a lot to focus on the business to be created.

Today we can say that companies face very high levels of organizational complexity compared to the past. This is because the expectations of both customers and employees are higher.

All this implies that the commercial operations depend not only on their skill, but also on the tools we give them in hand to work better and from the internal processes of the company.

Mapadore intervenes in this complexity without forcing the company to change its processes and supporting commercials in daily operations.

The artificial intelligence in Mapadore allows:

  1. optimizing the time (and costs) of moving a sales agent from one appointment to another, automatically updating itself with traffic and accident incidents, thanks to integration with Google Maps.
  2. optimize your agenda and logistics before making an appointment. If I’m an agent and I’ve already set an appointment for the next week in a city 40 km away from my place of work, it will be very useful for me an instrument that will help me to fix the next appointment in the same place for the same day rather than on a different day.
  3. Imagining to be a commercial, if Mapadore knew that on such a day of the week I am in a locality, he will show me potential other customers in the area already present in my CRM that I could meet between one appointment and another, significantly improving customer satisfaction. The customer will feel followed even after many years and more likely will return to buy my product.

In fact, Mapadore is designed for commercials who want to make a leap in quality to their daily activities in the name of automation and efficiency.


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