11 selected tools to optimize your sales process

In 2018 sales process optimization is one of the hottest tips for CRMs and sales tools: automation, data cleaning, data enrichment, document management, feedback collection and so on.


In this little “Christmas Gift”, you will find 11 interesting tools to make easier you sales activities and grow your business. This content is dedicated to Salesforce users but you can also find many day-by-day useful and budget saver tools.



Empower your Salesforce



Geoplanning, lead scoring, optimization of the agenda, automatic appointment, best business matching <> best customer, etc. Many features to bring Salesforce.com to the next level.



Duplicate Check for Salesforce

When there is too much data on the CRM, this tool helps us checking if there is any duplicate in order to keep a clean database.


Mass Update Tasks + Activities Tab + Multiple Tasks

Adding manual tasks sequentially can lead to mistakes.

This tool automates manual activities and enhance Salesforce.



While following leads and customers it is essential to collect information and feedback about activities we pursue. Formstack allows you to easily create forms and surveys and helps to gather all information on Salesforce.


Salesforce Lightning for Gmail

This tool cannot miss in the commercial toolkit:

–        managing real-time data from leads contacts or accounts directly from gmail

–        connecting email interactions to Salesforce

Salesforce Lightning for Gmail is a free plugin for Gmail and replaces Salesforce’s Inbox.



Zoominfo for Salesforce

It automatically enriches your CRM with information you don’t know about leads and accounts.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Data Enrichment actually offers interesting data to the operator.


AddressTools Free

Helps to standardize information by reducing errors and concretely helping the commercial operations.



Outside Salesforce, inside sales:




Do you want to discover new interesting companies or to understand your competitors better?

Owler is an excellent tool for making the analysis on specific industry companies and to approach them.



Tool to keep tracking of the relationships carried by email. Crystal helps defining the profile of the other parties and to better manage a commercial negotiation giving insights.



Clearbit enhances your email account and acquires data from accounts and contacts connected on Salesforce.



Very interesting tool to track companies that visit our site and have reports about visits’ progress.


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