Increase your sales
with Mapadore for Salesforce

Mapadore is a sales optimization engine 100% integrated with Salesforce that simplifies the day-by-day Sales Reps activities.
A digital assistant in your sales journey.

We make the sales journey easy and fluent.

Our digital assistants accelerate CRM adoption: they efficiently manage the customer base and simply the work of the sales reps. Mapadore helps companies to sell more and better in less time.

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What are the benefits

CRM adoption

Guided system to increase use of many CRM features by sales team. AI and automated tasks help to reduce boring activities and generate more porformance.

More Sales

It provides real time business insights and recommendations, always ensuring that sales teams are focusing on the most relevant customers / prospects – based on the company prioritization criteria.

Sales process acceleration

Mapadore’s AI technology and process automation provides the ability to streamline and support repetitive tasks, making the sales processes faster, more accurate, and repeatable.

Mapadore for Salesforce boosts your sales

Mapadore is a tool natively integrated with Salesforce. Our digital assistants are perfectly contained within the Salesforce dashboards and work together with the CRM data.

How Mapadore improves the sales process

Relevance Score

Create automated scoring for customers and lead. All customers are important, but some customers are more important than others


Locate Customers and leads on the map to empower your route planning

Profile Matching

Increase selling probability matching your clients with your Sales Rep

Next Best Customer

Digital Assistant for Smart Nurturing and Smart Prospecting while on the Field

Smart Planner

Geo-optimized appointment planning, configurable algorithms, motion waste reduction

Multi–Channel Integration

Real time Sync, always synced calendar. Automatic assignment of leads/customers

Smart Check-In

Sales Reps can quickly and intuitively update Salesforce with Visits Results

Smart Filters

Set your filters and create your map view

We are Cool Vendor Gartner 2018

Mapadore was named as Cool Vendor in CRM Sales 2018 by Gartner. According to Gartner: “Why Cool: Mapadore gives time back to sales reps by automating their sales visit routes during the appointment scheduling process”.

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Small team huge impact

Mapadore is a small startup but our scaleble technology is able to impact both in large corporate and small companies.
By the way, Mapadore experience is not limited to sales process optimization, but also in field service process and production activities.

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