We help you sell more and better in no time!

We blend AI with the daily task of the sales team using Geolocation to give you the best possible results and adoption. Salesforce studies states that: “sales professionals spend only 34% of their time selling”.
We ought to change that!

Reaching 38 countries in 5 different continents - Mapadore guides the sales efficiency of clients such as:

Some of the proven results obtained with Mapadore

~ 20%

Increase in the daily number of visits, resulting in major effects in revenue

~ 95%

CRM adoption After the implementation and training of Mapadore

~ 76%

Increase on website conversion rate using Mapadore


ROI achieved through increasing the efficiency on the sales process

We make the sales journey easy, fluent and Smart.

Using Geolocation and AI technologies we can now provide sales reps with a tool that is easy to use, intuitive and able to quickly and instantly transform CRM information into sales-ready data. That’s because we want to help your sales, give you the tools to perform the best possible results and help you reach your goals, while still having a more balanced workload. Want to know more?

We have what you need and much more!

Smart Territory Planning

Easily determine the criteria of separation of your sales area, or join to the next level of planning where you can take away the geographic limitation and determine who is the best option for each individual sales. In this way it is possible to increase your chances of success and have more results with the same resources, just because you now have a remarkable tool.

Journey and Route Optimization

Choosing where to go has never been so easy! With our Smart Journey feature, you are able to easily and instantly plan your journey with only a few clicks, taking into account which clients are most relevant for the company, which have the best chances of closing, your location, your schedule and your client’s. And after planning you open the best route for the day in only one click!

Relevance Scoring

We make it possible to prioritise the most relevant clients. The AI inside Mapadore presents you with a list with the best options based on your company criteria and consider the possible profits by option. Because of that, we can help the whole company to work toward one goal and each sales rep to improve their decision making, discovering the next step for your success.

Empower your Salesforce

Mapadore is a tool natively integrated with Salesforce. Allowing you to seamlessly use Mapadore technology inside your CRM, easily showing the information you need and instantly integrating powerful features inside your existing procedures and operations.

Cool Vendor 2018

Mapadore was named as Cool Vendor in CRM Sales 2018 by Gartner. According to Gartner: “Why Cool: Mapadore gives time back to sales reps by automating their sales visit routes during the appointment scheduling process”.

Increase Efficiency and have 1317% ROI

This material shows a case with proven results so successful they were presented in the The Gartner Summit 2019. What made them able to achieve those results? A good use of Mapadore. Don't believe us? Download and see for yourself.