The Magic

It looks like magic, but shh… it’s A.I.

A.I. & algorithms

We are on the brink of a new, revolutionary stage of the information age: the one of algorithms and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

We know all too well how time consuming logistical planning can be. Spending large parts of your day-to-day on menial tasks, and very little time making decisions or taking actions which have a real impact on achieving your goals.

A.I. & cloud

Current apps on the market need to be instructed on how to assist and support you. And of course, this doesn’t reduce how much time you spend on menial day-to-day tasks or logistical planning.

Thanks to its proprietary algorithms, cloud infrastructure and use of artificial intelligence, Mapadore takes a different approach and instructs you. Or better yet, makes recommendations on the most efficient and productive actions to take! Minimizing the low value, time consuming tasks and allowing you to focus on what makes you most profitable.